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ServiceLink’s 50+ years of premier mortgage services, fueled by the power of the EXOS technology platform, come together to create an unparalleled portfolio management solution

Maximize Your Returns With Servicelink’s

EXOS One Marketplace™ Portfolio Management Solution

Leveraging the power of ServiceLink’s EXOS technology platform, EXOS One Marketplace™ delivers unprecedented visibility of assets throughout the entire lifecycle. With a proprietary blend of artificial intelligence, machine learning, personalized performance dashboards and workflow management, EXOS One Marketplace™ delivers ease, efficiency and increased performance.

  • Predictive modeling lets you compare disposition paths as they evolve
  • Adjust your disposition strategies as information becomes available
  • Customize projected costs and strategies to reflect your business operations
  • Mitigate risk and maximize returns through informed decisioning

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  • Maximize returns with statistical outcome projections within a convenient consolidated platform
  • Stay on top of deadlines via text, email or EXOS One Marketplace™ using our robust notification center

  • Comprehensive view of foreclosure title reports, curative data and updated timelines
  • Review property condition, status and ongoing property preservation services
  • Integrations available for easy order placement and bid approvals

  • Consolidated view of auction performance, modeled contribution guidance and property details
  • Order services, review history and analyze valuations data

  • Title curative information available to track, monitor and project potential losses based on disposition strategy

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